What is the biggest problem of relationship?

    • Communication
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    • Religion
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    • Income
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    • Growing apart
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What Is The Biggest Problem Of The Relationship?

We know that today's people have more problems in their relationships than in their business life and that these problems affect their lives.

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01.11.2022 11:26:43

Commenting communication negotiations it’s all about give and take be willing to compromise

12.01.2021 10:13:36


11.14.2021 8:32:21


10.23.2021 8:04:28

Hanillarin yaşı küçük oluyor erkek zaten simartilarak büyümüş evlenincede esinjn üzerinde egemenlik kuruyor😔😔😢😢

08.11.2021 10:18:57

trust and loyalty