What do you think about new Harry Potter's movie?

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01.02.2022 11:32:57

Idk what the big fucking deal is about a movie series that's based on a children's book series? CHILDREN'S BOOK SERIES being the main point I'd like to emphasize. We live in a world full of fucking grown wo\man-children

01.01.2022 10:56:45

I haven't been able to finish any harry potter movie until now. I think they are all very boring and full of inaccurate details.🙄 I'm sure the new movie will be the same. That's why I have no hope for the new harry potter movie. What did the old movie give to the user so that it could give a new movie? .I prefer to meditate from where I sit instead of wasting time watching it 🙄

01.01.2022 10:50:30

I think it's great that he's back after 20 years and with the same staff! That really got me excited. Wow 🔥I feel like I'm back to the age when I first watched harry potter (around 8-9 ). Who doesn't love the harry potter world! What happened to Harry, the picker hat, the ventilation lesson that harmony ganger gave to ron wesley lol 😄 These were iconic scenes from the first harry potter movie and they are officially engraved in our memories.I'm also looking forward to the next harry potter movie. I have no doubt they will do great work again! I love you guys! 💖

01.01.2022 7:49:36

“after all this time ?always “😭😭😭😭💔💔💔